Morris dancing; that quintessentially English pursuit. Crisp white handkerchiefs, fluttering in the balmy, midsummer air, the gently-rhythmic click of sticks keeping time to the haunting melody of a solo concertina, the smooth, co-ordinated movement of a team of dancers .......... is definitely not our style.

If you want a good time, with plenty of beer, earthy humour, plain speaking, roughly co-ordinated dancing, ill-advised attempts at musical humour, traumatised children and horror-struck parents, then weíre your team.

We are a border side, inspired by the teachings of Silurian, and have developed the art to a level unmatched in the whole of the country. We are truly an irresistible force of nature, the antithesis of elegance, culture and style ñ a motley crew of barely-literate oafs, intent on nothing more noble than the headlong pursuit of a good time and, if the audience enjoy themselves, then so much the better.

We have been going since 1976 and year after year, we limp along, scraping together just enough men (sort of) to ensure that we subject ourselves, for another twelve months (or so) to the unrelenting shame of public ridicule and derision.

Always looking for new recruits, who must be like-minded individuals, with no friends, or who care nothing about offending/losing those that they have, we pride ourselves on having a laugh and providing entertainment (of a sort) to anyone who is foolish enough to come and watch or who wishes to hire our services.

Next appearance

Nethergate Brewery

Rodbridge Corner, Long Melford

1400 hrs, Saturday 18th Novemeber 2017

Recent events

Sudbury - September 2017

Belchamp Otten - July 2017

Littley Green - Plough Monday 2017